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About us

AHR Alliance Company is an international corporation which was originally formed in 2012 to provide consulting and purchasing services principally in oil and gas, logistic organization and luxury sectors.

A highly skilled management team and well qualified board of directors manage the affairs of the company. The management is supported by a combination of prolific skilled specialists and accountable staff members.


We strive to become a leader in the areas of energy, procurement and logistic supporting within the next five years. Our intention is to evolve constantly in order to meet new challenges, whilst helping our personnel to improve their professional competency to ensure a competitive edge.

Business Segment

Oil and Gas

Trading around the world 

Our trading activities tend to be extended to in all geographical areas and to serve a network of national oil organizations, major oil companies and independent trading companies. Our global trading offices are staffed by experienced traders whose specialities ranges from Gas, Crude Oil, Light and Middle Distillates, to Bitumen. These traders are supported also by shipping operations.

Technical solutions

Give us your problems and we will work to find the best technical solutions. Our aim is committed to provide the very best customer service. We are not satisfied to only bring you the products that you need. We will go the extra step to seek out new or better materials to enhance our customers operations. We will provide suggestions for material selection, performance enhancements and implementation of new products. Moreover, we study your debottlenecking and revamping potential problems with technical support in order to find an applicable and feasible solution.

Engineering, Management, and Consultancy 


AHR Alliance is a truly multi-disciplinary engineering, design and consultancy company in Oil & Gas and Energy business sector. Oil and Gas companies, either private investors or state-owned, regularly turn to AHR for comprehensive critical support for their operations, facilities, and development projects around the world. With our truly global footprint, broad technical expertise and resources and well-established Safety, Health and Environment (HSE) program, AHR is an important source for integrated services across the entire life cycle of oil and gas assets.


We currently concentrate on oil and gas procurement, logistic supporting activities and providing innovative solutions via expertise and several technologies in particular for development and follow up for pre-FEED and FEED activities upstream and downstream, both onshore and offshore. Follow up and finalization of tenderers for technical evaluation phase of projects. Development, preparation and follow up documents for basic and detail phases. In collaboration with engineering team, manage the technical bids evaluation of

the main work tender, support for the election and engagement with an EPC Front runner for onshore / offshore facilities through various steps.

Moreover, professional simulation and highly qualified CAD design solution.

Business Segment

Renewables and Green Technology

Renewable energy uses natural resources such as sunlight, wind, tides, and geothermal heat which are naturally replenished. Most forms of renewable energy are cheap to operate, but relatively expensive to install, as they must take quite dispersed energy and concentrate it into a useful form.

Some renewables and green technology can be identified as per follow application.


Solar Cooling Technologies 

Solar Cooling is an already-existing technology which exploits solar energy to satisfy a cooling demand, through the integration of solar collectors with Vapor Absorption Refrigeration technology. Solar cooling technology represents a sustainable answer for cooling needs. Cooling power is produced from a completely renewable source; it aims at reducing the carbon footprint of Oil & Gas assets.


CO2 separation and Carbon Capture

In power generation, CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) is one of the solutions endorsed by global development organizations, environmental regulatory groups, and industrial coalitions as a cost-effective means to potentially reduce the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and so to face climate change.

Gas flaring at an oil refinery.

Flare Gas Down or Zero Flaring

Gas flaring is one of the most environmental problems through greenhouse gases and other emissions. These emissions have high global warming potential and contribute to cli-mate change. Flare gas reduction and recovery has high priority as it meets both environmental and economic efficiency objectives.

Waste to Methanol or hydrogen 


The waste-to-methanol (WtM) process and related economics are assessed to evidence that WtM is a valuable solution both from economic, strategic and environmental perspectives. With respect to waste-to-energy (WtE) approach, this solution allows various advantages. In considering the average market cost of methanol and the premium as biofuel, the WtM approach results in a ROI (Return of Investment) of about 29%, e.g. a payback time of about 4 years. In a hybrid scheme of integration with an existing methanol plant from natural gas, the cost of production becomes a profit even without considering the cap for bio-methanol production. The WtM process allows to produce methanol with about 40% and 30–35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with respect to methanol production from fossil fuels and bio-resources, respectively.

Business Segment

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