Car Cup Holder Expander

Heluxe Car Cup Holder Expander adaptor 360° Rotating Adjustable Base, hold up to 17-20oz Beverage Bottle, Coffee, Hydro Flask & Extendable for Large Water Bottle & Snack Cups. 2 Silicone Coaster

Perfect Solution for Your Car

  • 360% ROTATION

Reduce Risks of Distracted Driving


Two-in-one design 
A bracket has two intake cups such as circle, small volume, large capacity, only for save car space, and accommodate at the same time. 

Two cups of drink. 
Opening and closing entry 
Thick and thin cups are all suitable 

A base that can be moved 
The cup base can be moved to the left and displaced according to its car body space  Adjust your location, save conveniently and save space 

Shockproof cushion solid cup frame 
The base of the cup holder is only 1.97 inches high, if there is a gap between the installed position and the cup frame base Cushioning sponge pad should be used for filling 

Installation Method 

1.  Put in the original car cup slot, if the original cup groove and the cup holder base exist gap, need to be filled with a sponge pad to fill the vibration to stabilize the cup holder, Once the cup holder is put down, you can rotate axis to make your cup holder more stable.

2. TURN ON the rotary axis, the top cup holder can be rotated 360 degrees, rotating cup holder shaft can be changed from 1 cup holder to 2 cup holder and upper cup holder diameter adjustable saving diameter 10-20cm to meet more storage needs. 


  • New and Upgraded Design: The cup holder is telescopic with rotary design. The three expanders at the bottom fit your car's cup holder slot. You can freely adjust the size of the stretch, easy to stabilize your cup holder in the cup holder slot. At the same time, the concave cup slot gives you more options when placing the cup. If there is a gap between the installation position and the base of the cup holder needs to use pad to fill up and Installation is better solid. 
  • Double Cup Holder & Rotatable-Adjust Size: The car cup holder has a 360° rotating body, which can hold two cups. The car drink holder is enough to hold the bottles in daily use such as mobile phones, water bottles, bottled instant noodles or drinks, as well as 18-40 ounces water cups. Warning Tips: Please carefully check whether the product size fits your water bottle and cup, Adapter works best with bottles/cups 2.5"-4.5" in diameter. 
  • Rejected Shaking-Steady Noiseless: Rubber sheets at the bottom and the top of the cup help to eliminate the noise generated by the bottle colliding with the holder, the expander can be adjusted to fill the console cup holder suitable for different vehicles, so it can be placed stably without shaking. Our cup holder expander and your drink will remain stable even if you brake suddenly. 
  • Improve Car Extra Space: The holder base can be expanded from 2.6"-3.8" in diameter to accommodate a variety of different car holder slot. Simply twist the top of the adapter to expand or retract the base. The car cup holder extender provides an extra space for placing things without occupying the original cup holder. And effectively improve the holding options of your vehicle. 
  • High-Quality Material: The car cup holder is made of solid, thick ABS which is not easy to break in daily use. A rubber case at the top of the holder holds the cup firmly in place. The size adjustment knob is smooth and effective.

Colour: Dark Black 
Material: ABS 
Weight: 486G 
Size: As the picture indicates 

Package Including 
1*Water cup drink holder 
2*Round sponge pad

Smart Choice For Your Car

Expander Car Tray Water Cup Holder